3 Useful Tips On Protecting Windows From A Hurricane

window repairWhen you live in an area where hurricanes are frequent, you might already be familiar with certain safety procedures. According to data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the windows in your home are among the weakest points. It’s because most windows are not reinforced which means they can only withstand being hit at low speeds. When you take into account the wind speeds in a hurricane, it’s highly likely that you would need window repair after. Here are some tips on how you could lessen, if not prevent, damages to your windows:

Do a visual check after the hurricane to see if you need a window repair or replacement

Window shutters – having some sort of barrier that protects your windows is the most sensible thing that you could really do when a hurricane is on its way. And for that, there are window shutters that could help you out. There are numerous types of window shutters. There are those that roll up or down which are often built from metal. These variants offer better protection than their wooden counterparts. There are also shutters that are made out of wood and would swing like cabinet doors and some that could also be pulled down. Despite the added protection, window shutters do have their limitations.

High-impact glass – regular glass won’t be of any help when it comes to hurricanes. In fact, glass shards from a broken window pane would potentially be fatal. On the other hand, high-impact glass offers superior protection against your everyday glass pane. You could choose from a single or double-paned glass. The more layers, the better protection you get. Most of the time, high-impact glass has a layer of plastic film that helps prevent the glass from shattering in case objects are flying at higher speeds than the glass is rated for. If you’re still using traditional glass panes, you might want to consider having an upgrade and get window replacement.

Plywood shutters – if you want a non-permanent solution, you could install plywood shutters. Half-inch or an inch thick would be great. Installing thicker plywood shutters would mean better chances of your windows not getting damaged. However, you will need to take measurements of your windows beforehand. This is to make sure that the shutters fit perfectly over your window. You don’t want the plywood shutters to overlap or become too small for your windows. In case you don’t get it right, you might risk damages to your windows. Always consider adding some protection to your windows and have it done right. You could also upgrade and get window replacement in Myrtle Beach to make your home more secure.

Also, you will need to have any window repairs, replacement, or upgrades done by professionals. Hiring a window contractor will help you secure your home a lot better. Of course, DIY protection is still an option. However, if you plan to do your own window reinforcements, make sure that you are doing a good job. If you’re not too sure, just hire a window contractor instead.

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