Barn Doors – The Hot New Trend

doorsThere’s a door design that’s becoming a huge hit nowadays and they have been around for longer than you might think. Although they weren’t originally designed for use inside homes, they have increasingly become popular among homeowners. Not only that, but it’s also being showcased on television the visual appeal that they offer. What we are talking about here are barn doors. Whether or not you are familiar with them, they are great for homes either way.

Why should you install barn doors in your home?

  1. They add a different visual style – we are all familiar with the conventional door. A rectangular entryway that varies on color, size, and shape. However, barn doors are not the same kind that you can associate to the doors that we all know. Barn doors, especially the sliding variety, offer a lot more in terms of style. The functionality is still there but there’s that rustic feel to be that it blended quite well with a modern take. Rustic look for windows and doors is a good way to give your home a makeover.
  1. They maximize your space – when it comes to maximizing the space that you have, any sliding door, in particular, can make a huge difference. Of course, sliding barn doors make all the difference when it comes to style. There are a lot of reasons why you would want barn doors built into your home. The primary reason would be that you will get a different vibe with just the looks of the door alone.
  1. Opening the door is easier – conventional doors use hinges to swing open and close. However, there is a downside to this, the hinge could lose lubrication and make it hard to open or close the door. This is what usually happens when the door creaks when you open or close it. It’s the hinge that’s making that noise. However, this does not happen with sliding barn doors. Instead of a hinge, the door is set on a track that easily slides it open or shut.
  1. Full access – conventional doors are not the kindest when it comes to moving things around. You have to be careful not to bump the door if it swings close while you’re carrying something. Luckily, this does not happen with a sliding barn door. In general, sliding barn doors are a bit large. This means when they are fully open, you have full access and freedom to go up and about without worrying that the door could slam shut while you’re still moving stuff around. That’s one reason why you should consider having a door replacement in Myrtle Beach and replace your old doors with a barn door instead.

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