Broken Glass and Window Repair

Replacement Windows Myrtle BeachIt is annoying to find that break or crack in the windows of your home. You know that energy costs can escalate when windows are in need of repair. And it also is unsightly from both the outside and inside of your home. That’s why timely and efficient window repair is so important. It’s not a job that should wait.

There are some tips and guidelines that can make home window repair and removal simpler and easier. Knowing how to remove the broken pane will you save you lots of money since you will not need to access the services of contractors or high-priced window repair services. You’ll find lots of valuable tips for window removal and replacement at home improvement stores and in package inserts with new windows.

Follow these tips and give us a call if you need help:

  1. Prepare the glass for removal. Although it is not difficult to remove the glass, it can be tricky and it if you’re not prepared and equipped, you could become injured by sharp edges and broken glass. Some of the newer windows make it easy to replace panes but older windows can be a little more cumbersome. The first thing you must do is remove any broken glass and be sure to wear good work gloves during this process. Broken glass from window panes can be sharp and can cause serious injury. Don’t risk injury by doing this job without work gloves and do not attempt to remove and replace windows when you are in a hurry. It is a job that takes patience and time to avoid injury and to ensure the window casement and surrounding areas are completely clean before replacement with new glass.
  2. As you prepare to remove the glass, remove the putty around the window pane. Work slowly and gently. Removing putty is simple with a putty knife or similar tool. Removing as much of the putty as possible is the best way to ensure a smooth preparation for removal of the pane. Take your time removing putty and remove small bits at a time – getting in a hurry with this process can cause further damage to the window and surrounding panes or frame. You don’t want to cut into the window frame or casement as you work.
  3. If the putty is particularly stubborn, you can warm the putty with a tool such as a heat gun or even a hair dryer and it will be much easier to remove. Heat makes the putty much more pliable and it can be easily removed and chiseled gently out of the window. Once the putty is completely removed and cleaned, it will be easy to remove the window. Be sure to clean around the frame as much as possible after removing the window to prepare it for the new insert.

You should now be ready for window replacement. Starting with a clean, clear area for installation is the best way to ensure a good fit for the new window. It will also ensure a better appearance from the inside and the outside of your home. Before you assume that window repair and window replacement require the services of expensive window replacement experts or carpenters, examine the process and try it yourself.

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