Door Handles 101 – Quick Guide On Door Replacement

door replacementThere is great variety of doors out in the market. Along with it is a vast array of door handles. There are many types of door handles that the average homeowner does not know about. What are these door handles and why is it important to get to know them? Some door handles serve more than just one purpose. Others rely on simple mechanics while some run on complex mechanical functions that make the handle work. It’s crucial to know which ones work best for your door replacement so you could have the best security possible.

Best handles for door replacement

Lever latch door handle on backplate – this is one of the more common variations of door handles. A lever latch door handle is the type of handle that you use in a room that does not require locks like the living room or dining area. The mechanics of this handle is quite simple. The handle is pushed down to retract the spindle which then lets the door to be opened.

Lever lock door handle on backplate – this is quite similar to the first item on the list. The only difference is the addition of a lock. This is often used on back doors or office doors. It’s also one of the most common areas that you upgrade when you get a door replacement in Myrtle Beach as it adds more security.

Bathroom door handle set on backplate – this is also a similar design to the first two items on the list. This type of handle is mainly used in bathrooms particularly because of its design. The handle is pushed down to be opened. There’s a thumb turn that locks the door when a person is using the bathroom.

Privacy door handle on backplate – another similar design is the privacy door handle. Instead of being pushed down, the handle can be fixed in place by using a thumb turn. The handle will no longer be pushed down once the thumb turn is set on lock.

As you can easily see, there are numerous types of door handles out in the market. There are those that mainly allows the door to be opened or closed while some door handles have more complex mechanisms that allow for the door to be locked when needed. Windows and doors require such handles to ensure maximum privacy in certain instances.

It’s important to note the different varieties of door handles and the functionalities their offer. If you are still oblivious about the type of door handle that you might need for your home, better ask professionals so you could have a clear picture of what you’re looking for. The holes that door handles require are different from one another. This is one reason why you should choose the right handle on the first try. Once you have a gaping hole in your door for a particular handle, it won’t be so easy to get a new design and just slap it in. unfortunately, you will need some sort of repair once you get the wrong door handle. On the other hand, asking about door handles will give you a lot of insight into what you will be needing.

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