Easy Spring Window Upkeep

window repairWith the beginning of warmer spring and summer weather, one job that I always perform is a checkup and cleaning of my home’s windows. This cleaning removes the winter season’s build-up of dust and dirt that has actually found its way to my screens and impairs my view. I also check my wood window frames for moisture or concerns that call for window repair. If you have vinyl or metal attired exteriors, this step might not be needed. Now that the weather is warm enough to open windows, the spring cleanup can start. Here’s how I do it.

Your Spring Window Maintenance

Action 1: Cleaning up the Screens

Months of wind and flying dirt can leave its mark on window screens. An unclean window screen is pretty easy to remedy. I just remove mine and rinse them with some warm water in the shower. I understand a lot of folks who do this with the garden hose. The working exterior has its benefits, and those that live in warmer climates might find some relief in this. My option of utilizing the shower enables me to utilize caution and even warm water, which is more reliable at dislodging dirt and dust than cold water. I can really see just how much dirt is streaming down the drain, which makes it a gratifying chore. Once I have rinsed the screens, I set them on a few towels to air dry prior to re-installing. Although I choose to clean my home window screens in the shower, operating in the yard or on the drive gets rid of the clean-up in the shower afterward, and a bit of breeze and sunshine will make fast work of drying your screens if you work outside. The screens might need replacement at some point. If that’s the case, hire experts such as MBHS Windows, Doors & Enclosures.

Step 2: Cleaning up the Exterior Window Glass

With the screens out of the way, it’s time to clean up the outdoor glass. Depending on the age and style of your windows, outside window cleaning can be a mixed bag. Newer “tip-out” windows come in handy for outside cleaning, and many houses utilize this design. My sliders, however, lift out fairly easily so it’s not excessive effort to clean both sides. Working from inside eliminates any high work or ladder usage, which is another big time saver. If your windows are not easily removable, you may have to clean up from the outside.

Step 3: Retouching the Paint or Varnish

The exteriors of my windows are metal-clad and are virtually maintenance-free. The wood interiors are finished with a clear poly finish. I examine these for dirt and other damage, and if needed I do some retouch. In houses that have older windows or those that are a bit draftier than mine, it is not unusual to see some more advanced stages of “weathering” along with the lower wood locations of the sash. In cold environments, condensation or frost can form on the glass, and this wetness streams to the edge of the pane and can jeopardize a wood frame’s surface. Mold and mildew appear as dark blotches. These areas can be cleaned up with light sanding or scraping and a brand-new finish coat. In case there are certain issues that need to be taken care of, hire a contractor to do Myrtle Beach window repair.

The exterior of wood frame windows will usually require a coat of latex paint every 3-5 years or a full window replacement if things don’t line up too well. This schedule may vary by which direction the window faces, and the harshness of your regional environment. Dominating winds and rain and extreme sun can lead to earlier paint failures. Checking your windows on a regular schedule can enable you to make the needed repairs prior to your wood gets exposed to the elements. You may notice while doing your spring cleaning that your windows and/or doors need to be replaced with updated energy-efficient models.

If that is the case, give us a call and we will be happy to give you an estimate of the cost of window replacement.

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