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Should You Enclose Your Porch or Turn It Into A Sunroom

Myrtle Beach sunroomMaking home improvements is one good way to boost the value of your home and make it a more valuable investment later on. Spacious backyards and curb appeal are primary attractions to possible home buyers, and upgrading your porch to a sunroom or enclosing it can boost your home’s value. But which option is the best and which one will pay off more down the road?


Apart from boosting the value of your home, transforming a porch into a sunroom will add living space as well as square footage to your property. However, there are some things you need to do to make sure that your construct the sunroom properly. Based on the area where you reside, you might need to get a building permit.

Get in touch with your local building department to know if this stipulation is required in your area. In case you need to add lights, you also have to get an electrical permit and if you need to add plumbing for a new air conditioning unit, then you also have to get the necessary permit.

You have to hire a professional to know if your foundation is stable to serve as a living area and also to inspect the viability of the gutters and the roof. Since a Myrtle Beach sunroom by definition have many windows, you have to make sure that rainwater is channeled away from the house. In case the floor in the porch slope, you have to determine whether you need to raise the floor joists or retain the slope.

Enclosed Porches

Even though a sunroom is a top quality enclosed porch, you can still transform your open porch and convert it into an enclosed living setting and make more space that do not depend on the weather. Based on how elaborate your would want your enclosed porch to be, it is possible for you to do the remodeling yourself. Since you’re not transforming the porch into a new living space, you don’t have to repair the slope, add plumbing, or maybe create walls using drywall and paint. You might need to some electrical work if you plan on adding some lights, which can be a very functional add-on. You might be required to get a building permit, and again, don’t forget to check with the building department in your local area.

One of the cheapest way to enclosing your porch is screening. You can buy big rolls of screen at home remodeling stores. Staple them to the current openings and then secure the trim pieces over the edges.

Cost Analysis

If you go with a sunroom, a good part of your budget will be spent on windows. Cost differ and based on the quality and the size of the windows. Since a sunroom will adjoin to an existing structure and usually require different aspects of construction, this is not commonly a DIY project that homeowners can undertake. Enclosing a porch is more affordable then having a sunroom built. Just like the first option, the costs differ and are dependent on the type of enclosed porch that you want to have. The most inexpensive option is a screened porch and it also requires minimal work.

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