Energy Effective Windows: A Win-Win Answer

windows Myrtle BeachEnergy-efficient windows are double winners. Not only do they decrease heat loss from your residence on cold winter days and nights (like we recently experienced here in Myrtle Beach), they likewise work to keep out hot air throughout the peak of summer (and we all know how hot it can be here in July and August). The win-win outcome is that you will feel comfortable while utilizing less heating and air conditioning, conserving both precious energy and money on your utility bills.

Double Pane Windows

Two times as effective at insulation as the standard single pane version, double pane– AKA double glazed — windows include 2 sheets of glass which are separated by a metal or structural foam spacer. The glass panes enclose a layer of air or gas, usually krypton, xenon or the more economical argon … or, conversely, a vacuum. This layer functions as insulation against the outdoor air, supporting the space temperature and decreasing window condensation. It may also act as a sound buffer. Recently, much more effective triple glazed windows have appeared.

Pricey but reasonably long lasting, double or triple pane windows are guaranteed for ten to twenty Years. They are ranked according to their U-factor, a procedure of heat transfer just like R-factor for an entire building; a low U-factor is the most desirable. Search for labeling from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Double pane windows should also have a thin finish of metal oxide to defend against solar heat gain and stay out harmful UV rays by means of reflection. This is called a low emissivity, or low E, finish.

Low Emissivity Window Film

Low E coverings may be contributed to the windows that you already have in your home, whether they are single or double pane, through an adhesive film. As a retrofit, application of the film is a fair less costly than replacing windows. Its disadvantage is that although it is hardly visible, low emissivity film does have a small greenish tint and might block a certain quantity of natural daylight.

Storm Windows

Another relatively budget friendly retrofit, storm windows are a method of increasing energy efficiency that has actually been around for a long time. A second set of windows to be installed on either the outside or inside the existing panes, they are made from glass, Plexiglas or acrylic.

Homeowners in Myrtle Beach have traditionally used local handyman abilities to install storm windows every fall and take them down in the spring. However, these days many energy professionals advise leaving your “storms” up year round, since in addition to insulating versus cold winds in winter season, they decrease the circulation of hot air from outdoors to indoors in the summertime. Besides removing an unpopular job from your honey-do list, this suggests you will not require a location to keep your storm windows off season any longer.

Other Ways to Increase Window Energy Performance

Awnings or shutters, alone or in combination with among the options above, will assist shield your house or apartment or condo against extreme sun and wind. Weather condition stripping or caulk around the window themselves will minimize drafts, as will drapes.

Regular movers might want an insulating kit that allows them to use plastic diminish wrap on windows. This is a low-budget option that may just last for one winter. Make sure to go with the low-density polyethylene type, rather than vinyl; the former is more eco-friendly as it doesn’t offgas throughout installation and can easily be recycled.

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