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Factors To Keep In Mind When Building a Sunroom

Sunroom Myrtle BeachSunrooms are a good addition to any house if you do not already have one. Although it is more popular during the summer, it can be a great place to relax and be comfortable any time of the year. Plus, it can serve multiple purposes depending on its size and location.

Among the many popular uses of a sunroom include a home office, an extra dining area that is near outdoors, a second living room, and more. The primary purpose of your sun lounge generally depends on your needs. Think about you and your family’s needs and decide how a sun lounge can fill that need. Do not forget to hire a windows and door professional such as MBHS Windows, Doors & Enclosures to help you build your sunroom addition.

Keep in mind that planning is the key to successfully building sunrooms. You need to start planning early if you want to have a comfortable and useful sun lounge all year round.

Below are some other considerations you need to make as part of your planning phase.

  1. Orientation and location

You need to decide where to specifically place the sunroom. Usually, they are placed on the side of the house that is facing the south since this is where the room will get the most sunlight. Make sure that when you decide on the place that there will be sufficient space left surrounding the sun lounge so you will have more space for planting trees and shrubs.

  1. Physical structure

This includes the height of the window glass, a specific type of flooring, and ventilation. These are all basic elements of a sun lounge and will generally depend on the purpose the room will be serving. For example, if you intend the room to become your second living room or an additional dining area for when you will have friends over, you might want to consider adding a heating and cooling system in the room as opposed to sticking with ceiling fans. Keep in mind, however, that a sun lounge needs to be properly and sufficiently ventilated since they could get real hot especially during summer.

  1. Using sunrooms as greenhouses

One thing you should remember when building your sunroom, they are not advisable to be used as a greenhouse. The primary reason for this is because they can get really hot in summer and may only end up killing your plants and vegetable due to too much sun exposure.

  1. Consider adding skylights or roof windows

These can complement the existing ventilation system in the sunroom. And if shaded, they help to prevent too much sun from coming inside the room and causing an increase in the room’s temperature. Consult with your contractor whether or not you need to add roof windows.

  1. Roof overhangs help add shade to the room during hot summer days

Some roof overhangs that you can consider for your sun lounge are blinds, pull shades, or drapes. These do a great job preventing too much sunlight from coming inside the sun lounge. Keep in mind that a great roof overhang is effective in adding shade to the sun lounge as opposed to completely blocking out sunlight.

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