Home Hurricane Security – The Property Owner’s To Do List

window replacementFor the countless individuals that live in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, safeguarding your home from hurricanes is essential. Getting a window replacement to remove faulty ones is essential. One strong storm can leave your house devastated in a matter of hours. If you live along America’s hurricane-prone coastlines, home hurricane security is one area of investment you cannot afford to ignore. However, where do you start? The following homeowner’s to-do list covers five actions to take prior to a storm hits making sure your home is more secure.

Securing your home, windows, doors from a storm

Secure your windows. The huge bulk of all hurricane damage is triggered by high wind speeds. High winds pick up particles and send them flying at incredible speeds. All it takes is one large sized tree branch to hit your window is simply the right area, and now your home has been breached. Ruined glass from window breaks likewise presents a genuine danger, especially if you are inside the house during the storm. When there some of your windows that have underlying issues, you might want to consider getting a window replacement Myrtle Beach first.

Plywood Shutters. Getting plywood shutters over all of your home’s windows could offer great protection from a storm. The issue is that if you wait for the storm, thousands of other homeowners will scramble as they go to home supply stores. When they do, plywood will be hard to find. Hire a professional who will measure out the plywood before the storm comes. It is recommended to pick out at least ¼ inch or ½ inch plywood and also to make sure that the wood is measured for the installation of the home’s walls, compared to the window frames. Durable anchors could be preinstalled so that all you need to do is install into the walls so that what’s left for you to do is attach the pre-cut plywood when a storm is approaching.

window replacement Myrtle BeachHigh Impact Glass. A typical pane of glass does not provide much protection from flying debris during a storm. If you have high impact glass, you could select a single or double glazed glass option that may strengthen your windows. Having two panes of tempered glass and protected by a plastic film as well, you will have higher chances of your windows surviving a storm. The high impact glass looks just like your current windows, from their aesthetics and it may even help you qualify for an insurance discount. Other than that, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to avoid any costly window repair in the future.

Keep in mind that when you choose this option to safeguard your windows, your house will be very dark when the power is out after a hurricane. However, when the plywood is secured into anchors, it could be relatively easy to remove after the hurricane. In the instance of a strong hurricane, you should get a window replacement in Myrtle Beach or install safeguards to ensure that there is minimal damage.

Hurricane shutters are among the very best investments you can make to secure your windows. Look for shutters that have actually received Horry County Product Approval, which is the highest standard in the market for hurricane security products. This isn’t something you should tackle yourself unless you are in the construction industry. Call MBHS Windows and Doors for information on hurricane protection shutters.

Secure the garage door. This is particularly vital if you have a house with an attached garage. The garage door is a weak area in many houses, and it can be quickly blown in by hurricane speed winds. When the garage door is blown in and the wind pressure fills your home, it just takes a short time for the windows and doors to blow in, too. In the worst case, the roofing system does the same.

Some garage doors are advertised as hurricane-resistant, however, they can be costly. Securing your garage door doesn’t have to be a costly proposition! Think about boarding your garage door over with plywood, or utilizing 2×4’s to brace it from the inside.

Set up hurricane straps. Galvanized metal hurricane straps are used to secure the roofing trusses to wall studs. If you’re constructing a new house, make certain the contractor utilizes hurricane straps, as this is among the very best (and most cost-efficient) methods to make sure the roof does not blow off your home throughout a wind storm. Note: It is possible to set up hurricane straps on an existing house, however you might have to work with a professional roofer to do the job.

Remove possible projectiles. When you warned a storm is coming, stroll all-around your house and lawn, and think about items that could possibly be picked up by the wind and turned into flying projectiles. Lawn and garden ornaments, grills, birdbaths, patio or deck furniture, potted plants, and children’s toys are all things to be protected or brought inside.

Trim your trees. Keeping your trees in great shape is an essential action in making sure that limbs won’t come down on your house throughout a hurricane. Even with storm windows in place, trees can still wreak havoc. Initially, cut any huge branches that hang over your house. Second, thin the tree’s branches out so it won’t catch too much wind in a storm and end up being rooted out. Finally, consider removing trees that favor a structure or power lines, trees that are unhealthy, or that have actually decomposed and/or cracked trunks. These trees are a risk and need to be secured by you so that they’re not taken out by a storm. Call our local utility company if trees are obstructing power lines and they will remove them for you.

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