How A Pergola Can Help Improve Your Curb Appeal

Pergola Myrtle BeachMany experts agree that adding a pergola to your deck or patio will help increase your curb appeal. Moreover, it allows you and the rest of the family to better be able to enjoy your outdoor space. The best thing about this minor improvement is that it also helps make your yard look more stylish; thus, effectively increasing the value of your home.

What is a pergola?

Most homeowners do not know what this deck addition is. This is probably why it is rarely found in residential homes. This addition to your patio is basically a covered walk that is often installed in your garden. To create a pergola, you will need to have a professional install row of pillars, depending on how long you want it to be. The above part of these rows should have joists so that climbing plants have plenty of room to grow.

You may want to consider installing this near your garden for the full effect. You can choose to grow climbing plants on it or not. However, many experts agree that growing climbing plants on its rows and joists effectively complete the dramatic look. Some homes have these additions attached to the side of their home.

Where should I have my pergola installed?

As I mentioned earlier, you can install this addition near your garden or have it attached to the side of your house. If you want it to be installed as part of your landscape, you need to review the floor layout of the yard. Choose a specific area in your yard where the land is mostly flat. Keep in mind that a flat ground is necessary for the building and installation process.

If you live in a hilly area and your yard does not have a relatively flat surface, you should consider installing it on the side of your home as part of your deck or patio. This way, you can be sure that the ground is flat and level. Otherwise, you should consider building a platform underneath this covered garden.

You can maximize the use of this yard addition by growing climbing plants on it. In addition to providing a more dramatic look and ambiance, the climbing plants will serve as the roof and provide shading. Thus, you can place a bench or any type of seating area under it creating a comfortable and relaxing place to spend the afternoon.

If you do not want to add climbing plants, you can consider adding a highly durable outdoor fabric instead. It creates a different look and ambiance but provides the needed shading. Place potted plants along the sides as a décor. Adding complimentary deck furniture will complete the look.

Remember to always work with a windows and door professional when considering adding a pergola to your landscape.

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