Replacing and Installing Skylights

skylights Myrtle BeachYou’ve just settled down with a warm cup of coffee and you gaze up into the sunlit morning through your magnificent skylight. And then you see it! The skylight is cracked, broken, or damaged in some way. Water has found its way around the skylight and possibly damaged your ceiling. Heat and air conditioning are potentially escaping through the cracks and driving your energy costs higher than they need to be. So, what do you do now? You should consider replacing your skylights Myrtle Beach.

Guide to Installing and Replacing Skylights

Don’t panic! Installing skylights and replacing them with new ones can be a do-it-yourself project or you can work with an experienced carpenter to help you. And the good news is that the newer skylights have many more features than older models, so updating your skylight can be a worthwhile project for many reasons.

Today’s skylights are equipped with motorized fixtures managed with remote controls or light switches that make them even easier to operate than older models. They come with screens and they have many energy efficient qualities that make them more effective when it comes to keeping heat and cold out and heating and air conditioning in! Most skylights can be purchased with protective coatings that filter out more harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays than older models. Replacement skylights may even offer more light due to their refined structure and design. Some skylights have optional ventilation properties so be sure and check those out and see if they meet your needs. Screens in skylights can bring in lots of cool air in spring and summer months.

First of all, when selecting skylight replacement windows, look for the Energy Star products which are low-emissivity (LOW-E) glass. These windows are much more energy efficient and they may possibly quality for a tax credit so be sure and check that out. Energy efficient skylights are a great way to help conserve energy and contribute to the healthy management of the environment by cutting down on the energy sources used to heat and cool your home.

Skylight replacement is easier than initial installation since openings have already been completed in the roof, attic, and ceiling. They come in many standard sizes and shapes so fitting a window to an existing opening is usually not too difficult. The important thing is to measure accurately and precisely when determining the window replacement size. It’s also important to exercise extreme caution when working on the roof and ceiling during the installation process.

Skylight Myrtle Beach can have a dramatic effect on a room and they allow light to brighten the outdoors.  Once you’ve installed your new skylight, you’ll enjoy bringing the outdoors in for many years to come.

Replacing a skylight is a good time to evaluate optional features and install a more energy efficient window for your home. Call MBHS Windows, Doors & Enclosures for skylight replacement and energy efficient window options.


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