Determining The Right Time For Window Repair

window repairWindows can either be repaired or replaced. Just like anything else in your home, they can wear out normally or they could get broken due to a number of factors. However, there’s a fine line between the need for window repair and replacement. A lot of homeowners, especially the new ones, are not too sure if issues with their windows can be repaired or if it calls for a replacement. It pays to know when to have either one. Of course, repairs are less expensive while replacements can be costly and may take longer to finish. Here are some tips on when you should consider having your windows repaired or replaced:

Different issues that call for window repair and replacement

Water leakage – when you notice that water is leaking through the side or certain parts of the window, you know there’s a problem. Windows are designed to keep water out for obvious reasons. However, when it fails to do this job, you don’t necessarily need to have it replaced. This issue can easily be dealt with simple Myrtle Beach window repair. However, if the window is old enough, you might want to consider getting an upgrade. Of course, that will only be possible if you have the cash to spare.

Foggy windows – for single-paned glass, fogging is not an issue. However, most homes nowadays have double or even triple-paned windows. The problem with foggy windows is that your only option is window replacement if you want to have them fixed. Unlike traditional, single-paned windows, an insulated glass unit cannot be easily dismantled. Even with most competent window technicians, taking apart IGUs and putting them back is a near-impossible feat. It’s also even harder for gas-filled windows.

Broken or cracked glass – glass that is cracked or broken can be repaired. Then again, it would depend on what type of window you have. IGUs are difficult if not impossible to repair manually. However, you can always check with window experts such as MBHS Windows, Doors & Enclosures for a comprehensive assessment of the window.

Faulty sashes – the sashes or window panels are the moving parts of some window models. There can be a number of reasons why window sashes become inoperable. However, you should not worry too much about these kinds of issues. Sash problems can be repaired without needing to have a full window replacement.

Deteriorated exterior casing – the exterior casing of the window may deteriorate over time. This will normally happen but will take decades before it will need replacement or repair. Most of the time, the exterior casing can be repainted or refinished. However, a complete replacement is also an option.

Rotten or missing drip caps – window drip caps serve one purpose and that’s to redirect any water from falling directly onto the window. The drip cans can either be made from plastic or metal. Over time, the drip caps can deteriorate or become loose. Depending on how the drip caps are installed, the difficulty of repair and replacement will vary. Contact your local window technician for any kind or window issue to avoid the hassle.

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