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window repair Myrtle BeachWindow replacement can be an intimidating task, however, window replacement may not be the answer. Window repair can also be a viable alternative when you understand the tricks to window repair work. Some people think that a damaged window must always be changed. Prior to even thinking about any type of repair, they’re on the phone searching for window replacement specialists.

And this can add up to countless dollars if you’re not careful!

Before you decide your window repair is out of your control and you have to spend hundreds of dollars on new windows, consider some of the following ideas.

  1. Window repair can be as easy as removing layers of old paint that have developed over the years. You may believe your windows no longer work, however when you learn the excess paint is all that is keeping them from moving, it’s as easy as 1-2-3.
  2. Weather-stripping is another possibility when it concerns window repair. Weather stripping comes in a range of various forms and it can be attached to the sides of the windows to keep air from leaking in and out– making the windows like new in many cases. The weather stripping closes the gap in between the window and the casing, which offers it a tight seal however leaves sufficient space for the window to ‘breathe’. Installing weather stripping takes a little effort and time because windows need to be removed and reinstalled, however a home improvement store has all the materials and guidelines you need.
  3. Repairing a window and restoring its look is also an option. If windows appear to be weakening, peeling, and decomposing, there is still hope. Do-it-yourselfers can make little repairs that make a substantial difference. Putty is simply one choice for fixing cracks and joints when they appear.
  4. Painting is not simply for cosmetic purposes. It is a way to safeguard and seal your windows. Keeping your windows in good repair implies sanding, sealing, and repainting regularly. As pointed out earlier, paint and putty can build up so make sure to eliminate excess paint, putty, and peeling paint before reapplying a brand-new coat.

Keeping windows in great repair before they degrade too terribly is the very best prevention to costly window replacement. Spending time examining your windows each year to determine potential issues is a good maintenance regimen. The time you spend with window repair work can conserve you countless dollars down the road. Not only are you saving your window, however you are saving lots of money by not permitting heat or cool air to escape through your windows.

Do not assume windows always need changing. Think about other window repair work options first and keep them in good working condition. It’s an investment you’ll be delighted you made in your home.

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