Tips On How To Spruce Up Your Front Door

door replacementIf it was as easy as popping out your existing door and replacing it with a new one, every homeowner would simply make the switch in a snap. Unfortunately, it does not work that way as getting a door replacement is hard. It’s not something that you generally do every month or so. It would normally take some planning to get a new door in place. However, if you’re looking to spruce up your door, there are things that you could do. Your front door is the most likely candidate for a makeover. Whether or not you are hiring a professional to give your front door an overhaul or simply add it to your weekend DIY projects, here’s one for you:

A door replacement typically costs anywhere upwards of $1000

Type of door – the first thing that you need to consider whether you are replacing a door or just adding in some extra touches is the type. There are different types of doors in the market. Yours might be a slab door or a pre-hung door. A slab door is basically just the door itself and nothing more. A pre-hung door is what you call a door that comes with a frame when you purchase. If your main goal for sprucing up your door is to gain more entryway, you should consider getting a door replacement in Myrtle Beach instead.

Measurements – as for the specific measurements, each manufacturer has a slightly different sizing standard. Also, the hinge positions may not be the same when you buy just a slab door. You will need to make accurate measurements to ensure that you will be getting the right door size when getting a replacement. It’s hard to imagine an average homeowner taking measurements of a single standard door. Double doors and others that are more intricate require different measurements. In some instances, simply replacing a section of the door may not be possible which is why a replacement of the entire unit and frame is necessary.

Getting a new coat – if your goal is to simply create a new look for your door, the cheapest option that you could take is getting a new paint job. However, front doors are usually made up of hardwoods that may require some additional procedures. Hardwood front doors that are stained or finished will require some sanding before you could proceed with adding a new layer of paint.

Getting help from the experts – the last thing that you want is to mess up your front door. It’s the first thing that people will see in your house. With that being said, it is only fitting to hire a professional to take care of windows and doors. It’s needless to say why. However, it is also good to point out the benefits of hiring a professional contractor to ensure the quality of your door does not go down. Also, having a nice-looking front door leaves the impression of a well-kept house.

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