The Essentials On Protecting Windows From Hurricanes

window replacementWhen a massive hurricane hits your area, it’s only by chance that the affected houses would still be livable afterward. However, for more manageable hurricanes, there are ways on how you could prevent your home from getting wrecked totally. According to a study carried out by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the windows in your home are among the most vulnerable areas when it comes to hurricanes. That’s one of the reasons why homeowners choose to have a window replacement or other tactics to prevent damages during a hurricane. Here are some ways on how you could protect your windows during this kind of natural calamity:

When a hurricane is reported to be coming your way, go ahead with window repair ASAP to prevent further damage

Window shutter – the idea behind window shutters is very simple. The shutter is often made from either steel or aluminum. However, the steel ones are more durable in most cases. The shutters help prevent wind from shattering the glass of the window. In a hurricane, you can expect flying debris that ranges in speed. Any blunt object flying in the air at 80 miles per hour could be quite devastating. However, a window shutter could help shield the window from incoming debris. In most instances, you wouldn’t need a window repair if you have shutters in place.

High-impact glass – while window shutters can be your first line of defense, high-impact glass can be your next. When window shutters are not enough, you can rely on the high-impact glass to save the day. These glasses don’t shatter very easily. In fact, high-impact glass is rated for high-speed impacts which means the glass is quite strong. When you pair it with window shutters, you won’t likely be looking at window repair anytime soon. However, there’s a downside to installing high-impact glass on your windows. Price is mostly the issue with most homeowners. High-impact glass is not your average kind of glass and the price tag surely isn’t on par with the glass panes you would normally see. On the other hand, it does a really good job of protecting your home from harm.

Plywood shutters – one of the cheapest ways you could protect your windows during a hurricane is the installation of plywood shutters. These are basically sheets of plywood carefully attached to the windows themselves. This is to prevent or lessen the extent of the damage the windows take during the hurricane. It’s likely that you would still need window repair in Myrtle Beach after the hurricane. However, the damages won’t be as significant as without having anything to protect your windows.

Any of these solutions will provide a certain degree of protection to your windows. It’s obvious what solution works best. However, the main point here is that they all should be professionally installed. No matter how good you think the protective material is, if it’s not installed properly, you would still end up with damaged windows. Call the experts like MBHS Windows, Doors & Enclosures for assistance.

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