Tips To Protect Your Windows From A Hurricane

window repairA study by the Federal Emergency Management Agency discovered that windows are one of the four weak links in a house when it comes to hurricanes. Adding masking tapes to your windows provides minimal benefits only, according to professionals. The biggest threat is from flying objects and as expected, tapes won’t be able to protect your windows. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, it won’t be able to protect your windows from the items that would be hurled by the high winds into it during a storm. The tape may be able to stop the windows from shattering completely but when a home is compromised during a hurricane, the rain and the winds could lead to severe damage which would lead to window repair or replacement. Think about these three methods to safeguard your windows before the next storm happens.

Window Shutters

There are two kinds of shutters that are made to roll down over every window and offer an effective barrier from the wind as well as wind-driven debris during a storm. One kind of shutters could be operated using a hand crank inside the house while the shutters are also available that lock into place when a button is pressed inside the house. Just like other hurricane mitigation projects, you need to consult your insurance company to find out if you qualify for a deduction on the homeowner’s insurance in case you need a window replacement.

High Impact Glass

A typical pane of glass does not provide much protection from flying debris during a storm. If you have high impact glass, you could select a single or double glazed glass option that may strengthen your windows. Having two panes of tempered glass and protected by a plastic film as well, you will have higher chances of your windows surviving a storm. The high impact glass looks just like your current windows, from their aesthetics and it may even help you qualify for an insurance discount.

Plywood Shutters

Getting plywood shutters over all of your home’s windows could offer great protection from a storm. The issue is that if you wait for the storm, thousands of other homeowners will scramble as they go to home supply stores. When they do, plywood will be hard to find. Hire a professional who will measure out the plywood before the storm comes. It is recommended to pick out at least ¼ inch or ½ inch plywood and also to make sure that the wood is measured for the installation of the home’s walls, compared to the window frames. Durable anchors could be preinstalled so that all you need to do is install into the walls so that what’s left for you to do is attach the pre-cut plywood when a storm is approaching.

Keep in mind that when you choose this option to safeguard your windows, your house will be very dark when the power is out after a hurricane. However, when the plywood is secured into anchors, it could be relatively easy to remove after the hurricane. In the instance of a strong hurricane, you should get a window replacement in Myrtle Beach or install safeguards to ensure that there is minimal damage.

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