Top Window & Door Trends In 2019

window replacementAmong the few things that people first notice about your home are the windows and doors. The roof, wall and other parts don’t get as much attention. It’s always the windows and doors that get the most attention from people. That’s why homeowners are always looking out for the latest trends in windows and doors. If you’re in the market for a new set of windows or looking for a new front door, or perhaps just looking to get a window replacement because of some sort of damage, here’s an article for you. Here are this year’s top trends on windows and doors.

2019 top trends for windows and doors

Energy efficiency – due to rising utility costs, it’s only fitting to buy a new window or door that is highly efficient when it comes to conserving energy. Traditional windows and doors don’t have as much insulating capacity as newer ones out in the market today. With the traditional type of window and door, the HVAC system in the house works harder than usual to retain normal temperatures within the house. However, modern designs of doors and windows change all that. Most windows nowadays prevent heat or cold inside the house from escaping. This eases the burden on the HVAC system which results in a reduction of energy bills.

Modern fixed windows – the hot window trend this year is all about maximizing the viewing angles. With modern fixed windows, the view outside will be uninterrupted. However, you do have to live with the fact that the windows cannot be opened. If you have an open space that doesn’t require a window to open, then fixed windows are for you. But if you do want the accessibility, you can always find other designs that fit your needs. If you are considering window repair in Myrtle Beach, you better get new ones instead.

Black framed windows – the cookie-cutter white framed window is not on this year’s trend. Instead, black framed windows are taking the spotlight. Although white windows make your home look like a classic masterpiece, black framed windows offer a more updated look to your home.

Smart doors – if you think smartphone are the only things that have been advancing all these years, you’re dead wrong. Doors are also getting smarter. With the use of smart locks, doors can be programmed to boost the security of a home. Rather than just letting people in or keeping them out, smart doors serve multiple purposes like sending notifications to your phone whenever someone presses the doorbell. It’s a nifty addition to consider especially if you are considering a door replacement sooner or later.

Blue door – the color is one major aspect that you consider when talking about design. A blue door adds more appeal to your home than any other color can. Blue looks soothing and will blend in with almost any color that you throw at it.

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