Window Replacement – Types Of Windows Best Suited For Your Home

awnings in Myrtle BeachIf you feel like your windows are in need of fixing, you might want to hire a window contractor for repairs of better yet, have it replaced with a new one. You might want to upgrade your single-hung window into more functional awnings in Myrtle Beach. There are also other types of windows that may pique your interest. Here are some of the most common types of windows, their benefits, and why you should consider replacing your old window.

Reasons why you should go for a window replacement

Double-hung windows – this type of window is probably the most common in the list. It’s commonly used in most homes. Although not all know its proper name, double-hung windows are mostly used due to its simple design, ventilation, and lighting. You can often see this type of window design on both traditional and modern homes. However, it’s mostly used in traditional homes. As for pricing, double-hung windows won’t break your bank. Prices are usually fair, they are easy to use and comes in a wide variety. This is one reason why it’s also common to see double-hung windows used on a window replacement.

Casement windows – if you are looking for a simple design yet functional, casement windows are for you. It’s also commonly used. However, it’s not as popular as double-hung windows. One side of the window opens like a door would while the other remains stationary. It’s good for ventilation and is safer against intruders since the casement windows don’t open all the way unlike double-hung windows would.

Awning windows – this type of window is quite similar to casement windows. It opens up with the use of mechanical cranks. The bottom side of the upper window opens outward while the upper section remains in place. Since they open horizontally, intruders will find it hard to enter through this type of window. It can also be left open while it is raining since the glass can serve as an awning which keeps the water out.

Slider windows – there are only a few mechanical parts to slider windows, unlike other designs. It uses top and bottom tracks to open and close. Some variants of sliding windows allow all panes to move freely. However, some have one side free and the other stationery. This type of window is good if you need to constantly open and close for ventilation. It’s also quite durable and is cheaper than other types of windows. You won’t be worrying about window repair due to its durability. Although, this design is quite dated and might not be suited for newer homes.

Fixed windows – this type of window does not open or close. It is mainly used to let light in but not provide any ventilation. It’s mostly used in buildings and less common in homes. Although one might think that this type of window is not such a good idea, it does offer some benefits. For one, it offers better energy savings since it will not let cold or warm air out the building. It also offers a simple design that is easier and less costly to fix.

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