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Many Myrtle Beach homeowners considering home window replacement believe they could do this work themselves and that it is an easy process. However, incorrect window installation can cause problems such as loss of energy and water seepage. Also, most windows come with a warranty which may be voided if the windows are improperly installed.

It is best to hire a local professional installer for correct installation. So the question becomes: How do you hire the right company for the job? Here are a few tips to help you select the right window replacement company.

Do Your Research

Decide in advance the type of windows that are best for your home. Some installers specialize in one type of window so knowing the type of windows you require will go a long way in selecting the right contractor.

As an example, energy-efficient windows are usually made from PVC or fiberglass. Even if you decide on a specific type of energy-efficient windows, there are levels of efficiency according to the US Department of Energy.

When you know in advance what you need you will be in a better position to ask the right questions which can save a lot of money and mistakes.

Obtain more than one detailed bid

Look for more than just prices in a bid. If possible, the bid should include the recommended type of windows the contractor will use. For best results use American made products. What labor will be utilized, subcontractors or employees. If subcontractors, make sure they are properly insured. There should be an estimate of how long the installation will take.

The bid should be as complete as possible to avoid any misconceptions in the future.

The estimate should include payment terms and if needed, financing. Be wary if a contractor insists the entire amount be paid in advance. If financing is not arranged, most contractors will request a 20-30 percent deposit.

Read the fine print of the contract

Read the warranty and understand what is covered and what will cause the warranty to be void. In addition to the window warranty, does the contractor offer a warranty on their workmanship?

Verify references

Ask the contractor for references and then be sure to check with them. Look for testimonies on their website and on the internet. You are looking for a company with a good reputation.

Ask to review photos of past jobs they have completed that are similar to what you need done.

How long have they been in business in Myrtle Beach? Ideally it should be at least five years. Ask them how they handle situations when things don’t go as planned? They should have a process for handling most problems. Do they stand behind their work?

Always check the contractor’s license

Is a builder’s permit required? Are they licensed for your neighborhood? Do they carry liability insurance? Workmen’s compensation?

By doing your research you can ensure that your investment in replacement windows and doors pay off for years to come. Never be afraid to ask questions and expect honest answers.

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