Window Repair and Maintenance Made Simple

Window Repair Myrtle BeachWhen it comes to home maintenance, many people overlook the importance of window repair and maintenance. This can be a major mistake since much energy and lots of dollars go out of the window if they are not properly maintained. As much as 25% annually of your heating and cooling can escape through poorly maintained windows and that adds up to thousands of dollars over time.

If you can feel drafts of cool air in winter or if you feel the summer heat finding its way into your home in summer, your windows may need some additional repair and maintenance. Never allow something as simple as window maintenance to cost you money and make you uncomfortable.

Take advantage of some of these window repair and maintenance tips as you prepare for the changing seasons:

  1. Repair air leaks. When air is allowed to leak in or out of windows, the energy efficiency is compromised and so is your personal comfort. Purchase an easy to use a caulking gun and some good quality caulk to get started. Find those cracks that allow air to seep in or out and caulk them carefully, making sure not to overdo it with the caulk. Use just enough caulking to solve the problem but not create a mound of caulk!
  2. Paint windows when needed. Wood and other types of windows periodically need a new coat of paint. If you allow windows to go unpainted, they become less effective. Water can enter through cracked and peeling paint. Eventually, the window becomes less efficient and not only does it look bad, it allows energy to escape and more money flies out the window.
  3. Repair or replace cracked windows. Window repair and maintenance requires a little more muscle at a time. That means replacing cracked windows when necessary. If the window has a small crack, you can sometimes use fillers such as the type used by windshield repairers. Of course, visual appearance is not great with this temporary solution. The best idea is to replace cracked or broken panes as quickly as possible.
  4. Wash your windows. Believe it or not, washing your windows is an important part of window maintenance. Clean windows allow more sunlight to infiltrate the glass helping to heat the interior of your home when it’s colder outside. Clean windows also help by removing dirt, dust, and debris that can attract bugs and insects. The cleaner you keep your glass and the surroundings of your windows, the more likely they are to last longer.

Take time twice each year to examine your windows and identify repair and maintenance needs. Making repairs or taking steps to ensure the energy efficiency of your windows will make a big difference in how effective they are for your home. Better maintained windows will give you a better feeling about how you are spending your money for your home heating and cooling. Window repair and maintenance is well worth the time and effort it takes to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.

When you have a list of your window repair and maintenance needs, call us to schedule a time to review your list and provide a free quote.


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