Windows And Doors – Hottest Trends In 2019

door replacementThe windows and doors of your home not only add to the overall aesthetics but also serve a practical purpose. Older types of doors and windows offer little to help with the insulation of your home. That’s why a lot of homeowners are trying to get a door replacement as early as possible. But how do you determine what’s best for your home? This year, there are a number of window and door trends that have become quite popular. You will find yourself with a number of variations that are not only functional but elegant as well.

The latest trends in windows and doors for 2019

Newer window and door installations offer a number of advantages for the homeowner. First off there’s the boost in aesthetic value. It’s given that newer doors and windows look better than older ones. However, this part is a bit subjective and might not apply to everyone. However, the next factor will definitely be a bonus for everyone. The second advantage is energy efficiency. Did you know that a lot of energy is wasted through windows and doors that do not provide adequate insulation? With older types of windows and doors, homeowners face increased energy bills. This is one of the reasons why door replacement in Myrtle Beach has become common.

So what are the trends for 2019?

Modern fixed windows – larger windows are the thing for 2019. Expect to see a lot of homes that will have floor to ceiling windows. Fixed windows offer a pleasant viewing experience that is uninterrupted at the same time. Stay away from patterns or grids on the glass. A fixed window will have a more modern appeal but loses a bit of functionality at the same time. It’s a bit of a tradeoff between beauty and functionality. However, the pros and cons vary depending on your location and taste.

Black framed windows – white framed windows are on a steady decline. Black frames, however, are on the rise. Black window frames offer a fresh look and style. The sleek black touch will enhance any home.

Smart door locks – have you ever been locked out of your house just because you forgot your keys? It’s a very inconvenient situation especially if you’re completely tired and ready to hit the sack the moment you see your bed. However, there are newer, advanced solutions that will alleviate this problem. You don’t have to get yourself a door replacement entirely. With smart door locks, you can forget your keys and not worry at all. You only have to access a certain app through your phone to open the door. The app comes paired with the smart door lock. This year’s trend is basically an overhaul to your existing doors. You don’t need to get new doors but making existing ones smarter.

Ever wanted a fresh take on your windows and doors? Want to keep up with this year’s trends? You can take control and give your windows and doors a makeover with the right contractor. Professional contractors such as MBHS Windows, Doors & Enclosures know just the thing your home needs.

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