8 Common Window Problems And How To Fix Them

window repairWe have all had encountered a window problem of some sort at some point in time. If you’re a homeowner, you understand how important it is to resolve problems with windows. Doing a window repair is necessary especially if you want to keep animals, debris, or burglars out. To give you more insight, here are common window problems and how you could resolve them:

Windows that have been painted shut

If you’ve enlisted the help of your kids with some painting projects at home, it isn’t too surprising to see some overlapped areas. Most likely, the sides of your windows have been painted shut. This problem is rather easy to fix. All you need to do is slide a putty knife in between the sash and the frame. Slide the putty knife all the way to where there is excess paint. You could use a similar tool if a putty knife isn’t readily available.

Excess friction

If you find it hard to open your window, check the areas that rub against each other and spray on some lubricant. You could use candle wax if you don’t have any lubricant in the house.

Problematic double-hung window

If you have a heavy window, the sash cord might just have given in to the weight or is broken. If you want to have an easy Myrtle Beach window repair, you could contact your nearest window repair company. Or you could do it yourself.

Double panes that keep fogging up

This type of problem usually happens when moisture is seeping in through the seals. It is also recommended to have this problem fixed right away. When moisture collects in between the panes, it could result in permanent damage to the glass. Check the manufacturer of the window and have it repaired or replaced. Usually, window manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, so you won’t have too many problems here.

Leaking water around the window

The primary culprit for leaks around windows is improper flashing. When flashing is not properly done, rainwater can seep into a number of places. This may include behind the window or even down on the floor. Caulking can be a solution but not a permanent one. Seek professional help in these instances.

Hard to open windows

When you find it hard to open your window, it could be a number of things that aren’t functioning right. You could do a number of things to try and resolve the issue. You may lubricate the hinges, fix the sash, or reassemble the operator trim. These are some solutions but not applicable in all instances. If even after lubrication and other methods your windows still won’t open smoothly, call MBHS Windows, Doors & Enclosures.

Holes in the window screen

Want to get some fresh air but don’t want to let the bugs in? That huge hole in your screen isn’t much of an issue at all. You may pry out the broken screen and install a new one. You may choose to nail or staple down the screen on the old frame.

Broken glass pane

If you don’t want to injure yourself in the process, go get a professional to do the window replacement for you. Broken glass can be hazardous if not handled properly. If you do decide to do it yourself, put on some gloves and safety goggles first. Remove the broken glass and take out the old putty. After that, put in a layer of new putty then install the new pane of glass.

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