Should I Purchase A New Screened Window Replacement?

Window replacementAre having problems with some of your windows at home? Are some of them foggy, cracked, or leaky? If so, you might be wondering whether to have them repaired or replaced. But what is the best option? Should you go for repairs or window replacement? A single window could cost anywhere from $200 to $1,800 including installation. Replacing all the windows in your home will cost you thousands of dollars. The brand and model play a huge role in the cost. With the amount of money involved, anyone in their right mind would think that repair is the more logical option. However, it all boils down to the kind of window problems you have.

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When to repair your windows

  • Broken glass – a single-pane window is relatively easy and inexpensive to replace. When your window has multiple layers of broken glass, look into sash replacement. If you have been having the same problem for quite a long time, you might also want to consider getting a window replacement Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • Broken muntins or mullions – damaged muntins and mullions can easily be rebuilt. Your window contractor can quickly repair your windows if this is the only problem.
  • Stuck sashes – one common problem with older windows is a stuck sash. However, it is not something that should cause major concern. Again, your window contractor can easily fix this problem.
  • Rotting drip cap – this is an easy problem. Even a novice DIYer can replace rotting drip caps with aluminum or plastic ones.
  • Poor exterior window casing – when the window casing is in poor shape, it is unsightly and could cause more damage to the window. That’s why it must be repaired immediately.
  • Minor water leakage – when water is leaking around the window and not through it, what you need is to have it repaired. Minor leaks only call for window repair and not a replacement.

When to have your windows replaced

  • Foggy windows – when there’s fogging in between the layers of double-paned or triple-paned IGU, the window needs to be replaced. Unlike single-pane windows, multi-layer IGUs or insulated glass units are sealed shut and are difficult to repair. This means it is cheaper to replace than to attempt repairs.
  • Structural problems – when your window’s structure begins to fail, it’s a no-brainer. You need to have it replaced. Don’t wait for the window to collapse and possibly hurt someone before having it replaced.
  • Major water leakage – when water is coming around the window, it does not cause major concern. It’s something that can easily be fixed. However, when the leaks are coming through the window, you should call MBHS Windows, Doors & Enclosures for replacement.

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