How To Determine The Costs of Window Replacement

window replacementIf you are planning for a window replacement, you will want to be able to learn how to determine the costs so you have a general idea of how much money to save for this home improvement project. Basically, the costs will depend on the size of the window, how many windows will be replaced, the style and quality of the windows that you will buy to replace your old and worn-out windows.

Windows are one part of the house that can easily get worn out. Keep in mind that these are highly fragile and can easily get broken even with only a small amount of force used on them. Aside from the actual window, however, you should also inspect the window frames as they are prone to rotting and damage from insects. You will know you also need to replace the window frames if they are soft to the touch and/or cracking.

To help you get a general idea of the costs of Myrtle Beach window replacement, you will basically have to consider where to make a window purchase and the type of window that you will use.

Factors That Affect Window Replacement Costs

Where to make a purchase

Where you will buy new windows and window frames will affect the total costs of this home improvement project. Some stores offer affordable materials with insurance but have high installation costs. Others have costly windows but the price already includes the installation.

Your best bet is an experienced contractor or window manufacturer such as MBHS Windows, Doors & Enclosures. They can provide you with specific types of windows so you can be sure to get the exact match if you are only replacing a couple windows in your home. Basic window designs can cost from $450 to $600. If you opt for wooden windows, you will need to prepare at least $1000.

If you are planning for new building windows, which means the entire window and frame will be removed and replaced, you will have to add a couple hundred dollars to the total costs. Note that this type of replacement requires more time and more elbow grease.

Type of window

There are different types of windows installed in every home. If you are replacing only a couple of windows in the house, you will have to stick with the current design of the other windows. On the other hand, if you want to use another design of the window, you will have to undergo window repair or a complete window replacement.

The common types of windows available in the market today include double hung windows, tilt out windows, double pane, and high performance.

  • Double hung windows – These windows are opened from the top or bottom. These are the most affordable among all types of windows. It is often installed in hard to reach areas such as windows in the attic or basement.
  • Tilt out windows – This type of window has an interior and exterior glass component. The interior component can be folded in or out to reveal the glass exterior. This thus allows homeowners to easily and more conveniently clean these windows especially if they are not easily accessible.
  • Double pane glass – The reason this window is called double pane is that of its airtight space filled with inert gas. This, thus, helps in maintaining the right temperature of the indoor air. Moreover, you can be sure that no indoor air from the HVAC system will escape through this window. These windows, however, are more expensive than standard windows available on the market today.
  • High-performance glass – These windows use specialty glass, which can be really costly. Some high-performance windows are made to resist impact from natural weather occurrences. There are also those that are made to provide you with utility savings. Because of the added features and benefits, you can be sure that this type of windows is expensive.

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