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The installation of my new (West) windows was completed on July 13, 2011. I have to tell you they look great and are easy to clean. One more very important consideration to me has been lowering my power bills. My home is all electric and I live in a 14′ x 76′ mobile home. The original windows were 2 separate windows that did not allow me to keep my home warm in winter or cool in summer and could not even be cleaned completely. There wasn’t enough space between the 2 windows to clean between them. Here is a comparison of my power bills since May 2010 through December 2012. Since the initial installation in July of 2011, it’s easy to see that the windows have made a really big difference for me.


Jan 2012 (-35%) July 2012 (-21%)
Feb 2012 (-21%) Aug 2012 (-13%)
Mar 2012 (-2%) Sep 2012 (-19%)
Apr 2012 (-12%) Oct 2012 (-8%)
May 2012 (-25%) Nov 2012 (+19%)
June 2012 (-26%) Dec 2012 (-17%)

Weather definitely affects what we pay for power to cook, heat, and air condition our home. But you can see at a glance that the savings are cumulative and have increased quite a bit over time. I am so glad that I chose to have Windowz, Inc. put new windows in my home. The way they are constructed and installed – it’s only a win-win situation. Sometimes it’s difficult to convince people that the expense of installing new windows pays off…it definitely can and in my situation it has been an enormous improvement in my well being and comfort. You are welcome to use this letter to help other people.

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