Things You Should Know Before Replacing Your Windows

window replacementWindow replacements are expensive. Newer double-pane windows are not the cheapest nowadays and if you want superior insulation, you should go for higher-end variants. However, before you consider getting a window replacement, you should understand things like cost, quality, and the right time to replace your windows. Read on to know more.

Window replacement FAQs

Do I really need to replace my windows?

The answer will vary. If you want to make sure that you really need to replace your windows, call an expert like MBHS Windows, Doors & Enclosures. Only a reliable window and door contractor can provide you with the information you need pertaining to the condition of your window and whether you need new ones or not. If your windows are damaged, the problem will be assessed and the contractor could tell you the best course of action.

How long do windows last?

Again, the answer to this question will vary. Depending on the conditions in your area, the lifespan of your windows may be shorter or longer. The average lifespan of a double glazed window is around 15 to 20 years. That’s quite a long time before you will need Myrtle Beach window replacement again. However, you will need an expert’s opinion to determine if the windows in your home are near the end of their usable lifespan.

Should I replace it all at once or one at a time?

If your finances permit, it is best to replace all of your windows in one go. Older windows tend to be inefficient when compared to newer ones out on the market. Replacing each window in your home at the same time will cost more but your energy bill will be lowered due to the energy efficiency they offer.

How much will a new window cost?

On average, a new window could cost anywhere from $450 to $1,000 per installation. It’s a hefty price tag when you consider replacing a number of windows at once. The price is also one of the reasons why homeowners choose to consider window repair first before considering having a replacement.

What type of glazing do I need?

Most residential windows come in two varieties. You can either get a window with 2-coat Low-E and a 3-coat Low-E. If you live in an area where you need cooling for most of the year, a 3-coat Low-E window is best suited since it allows less heat from the sun. On the other hand, a 2-coat Low-E is better for homes where heating is needed since this type of window allows more heat from the sun while trapping heat inside.

Who can I contact for window replacements?

There are a lot of contractors out there that offer window and door replacement services. However, you should only stick to a contractor that can deliver good results. Ask essential about essential information like their license, how long they’ve been in business, and some references.

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